A Bit Late

“Labour needs to apologise for side-lining Christians” says Andy Burnham, a candidate for the Party’s leadership.

He went on to say that the Labour Party looked “ridiculous” for creating a culture which marginalised Christians. He said his party needed to apologise for the culture that saw nurses being attacked for wearing a cross.

I have only just heard about this but it seems Mr Burnham made the comments earlier this month in Methodist Central Hall at a hustings hosted by the Christian Socialist Movement. Speaking at the event, which all the Labour leadership candidates attended, Mr Burnham also said that the Party had recently “lost its way” in relations with the churches.

How sad that it is not until they have lost power that there are starting to wake up.

In contrast, right at the beginning of their term in office, the new government are singing a very different tune.

Earlier this month Government Minister Eric Pickles said Christians should not be “sidelined” for their faith. In an interview with the Sunday Express he said: “I am determined to ensure that Christians are not seen as some kind of strange sidelined religion.

“Religious tolerance is immensely important. Religion has a valued and important role in binding our society together and is a vital part of the cultural fabric of the English and British nations.

“Labour tried to force Britons to turn their back on faith and heritage in the name of political correctness.”

This sounds a great deal better. I will watch to see how this is worked out.

See Christian Institute.

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