Abolish Slavery Again

The British government is being put under pressure by Christians to opt into the EU Directive on Human Trafficking. And this is not very long after so many of us were celebrating the end to the transatlantic slavery trade which to this day is a shameful memory for this country.

Three debates were held in Westminster this week which highlighted specific issues surrounding Government policy in relation to the EU Directive on Human Trafficking, which CARE for Europe has been working on. The debates also promoted awareness of the Anti-Slavery Day on 18th October.

To read more about how CARE contributed to the debates and to view parts of them online, please go here.

I thank God that enough parliamentarians care so deeply about this issue, and that many have used the opportunity to raise it before government ministers. I pray that the Human Trafficking Directive would be finalised in such a way as to make it possible for the UK Government to opt into it in its final form.

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