Animal-human hybrid embryos

In the news last week, a team of scientists created the first British made animal-human hybrid embryos. I have been surprised how quickly it has fallen from the news. Especially after the House of Commons had been disregarded and demeaned by this.

The announcement came after the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority gave two teams licenses to go ahead with the controversial research in January this year, even though parliament has yet to decide whether or not to permit such research in the UK.

The creation of the embryos, which lived for three days, was not related to the provision of any kind of development in relation to the provision of therapies.

The Christian Institute has some good observations.

The CARE site is worth looking at too. CARE believes that the creation of such embryos is unethical and a distraction from the provision of therapies which are coming from adult, and not human embryonic stem cell research.

There are today over 70 stem cell therapies that have resulted from adult stem cell research. There isn’t a single therapy that has resulted from human embryo research.

Why can’t good ethics and good science can march hand in hand?

I pray that good cures would be found using technology that is not offensive to the dignity of the human being and the image of God.

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