Baroness Warsi – Secularism not the British way

Baroness Warsi, the shadow community cohesion minister said forced secularism was “not the British way” and accused the Government of relying on a failed policy of multiculturalism.

Lady Warsi said: “Under Labour, the state has become increasingly sceptical of an individual’s religious belief.

“We’ve all seen the stories, how appalling that in Labour’s Britain a community nurse can be suspended for offering to pray for a patient’s good health.

“How awful that a school receptionist could face disciplinary action for sending an email to her friends simply asking them to pray for her daughter.

“At the heart of these cases lies a growing intolerance and illiberal attitude towards those who believe in God.”

She added: “It’s an agenda driven by the political elite, who have hijacked the pursuit of equality by demanding a dumbing down of faith.

“It’s no wonder that this leads to accusations in the media that our country’s Christian culture is being downgraded.

“For many their faith brings them closer to their neighbour, it’s the driver for their voluntary work, the basis of their social action.

“And for many, faith is the basis for some of the best schools in our country.”

“It’s the madness of political correctness which fails to teach our children British history in case it offends, and is the madness of translating documents into a multitude of languages instead of actually teaching people English.”

See Telegraph article for more details.

I hope some people cheered her. She may lay the blame at the feet of Labour, but Labour have not shaped all of our culture. The anti-faith climate is, partnered with political correctness (undemocratic, anti-Christian censorship of language) was around under the Conservative government. We need more people speaking to preserve our ancient freedoms.

For more info on Baroness Warsi, her Wikipedia page can be found here.

The full text of her speach can be found here.

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