Belgian Senate passes bill permitting doctors to euthanize children. Will they be told? Will their consent be necessary?

It was not mentioned much in the UK media last week but this seems a newsworthy story to me.

Euthanize children?!

Will they be told? Will their consent be necessary or will others decide for them?


The bill now goes to the House of Representatives for final approval before being sent to the King to be signed into law. Most Belgians expect it to be approved.

Since legalization of euthanasia in 2002, Belgium has seen a nearly 500 percent increase in deaths by euthanasia. Various studies have found that patients in hospitals are increasingly being killed without their consent or the consent of their families.

In 2010, research published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) found that 32 percent of euthanasia deaths in the Flemish region of Belgium are done without an explicit request. A second study by the CMAJ the same year found that nearly 45 percent of euthanasia deaths involving nurses in Belgium were without a specific request.

Research published the same year here in Britain by the British Medical Journal also found that only 52.8 percent of all euthanasia deaths were officially reported, as is required by the law.

According to some reports, there are increasing cases of elderly Belgians who are afraid of be hospitalized over the potential that they may be euthansized.

Tom Mortier, an anti-euthanasia advocate and lecturer in chemistry at Leuven University College in Leuven, Belgium, whose own mother was euthanized by one of the nation’s foremost doctors, called the vote “insanity.”

He pointed to research showing the growing abuses of euthanasia. “You can’t be a little bit in favor of euthanasia,” he told “Then, you are lost…. you will open Pandora’s box and this is what is happening in Belgium.”

According to Mortier when he wrote about his mother’s death: “Her departure wasn’t the serene family gathering, full of peace and reconciliation, which euthanasia supporters gush about,” he said. “The University Hospital in Brussels phoned my wife the day after.”

“It was the first we had heard of it. My mother died without her closest family at her bedside.”

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