Black Could be the New Black

I have been so busy recently I have neglected my blog. And what a time it has been too, with so many interesting things happening. Particularly the appointment in the USA of President-elect Obama.

Commenting on the Obama victory my wife reckons black could be the new black! I found myself agreeing, though I am not sure I would be able to put in words what I mean so will not attempt it here. I think black people in the west will feel a new dignity from now on.

I never thought I would see a black President in the US in my lifetime. I think it is wonderful. In my youth I watched race riots on the TV and watched Martin Luther King preach. I remember when he preached, “I have a dream..”

So I watched Obama give his triumphal speech, and I thought of the old black and white set I watched as a child with images of tear gas and beatings of black people. I wondered how he could be so carefree and careless of danger and then I saw the glass screens.

I wonder what is in store from this man.

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