Dawkins Goes Camping

Someone told me about it and then I saw it on the Telegraph website, ‘Richard Dawkins launches children’s summer camp for atheists’.

I love this. Talk about laugh out loud!

I head up a a team that runs a summer camp which depends upon over 100 volunteers. I could give him some advice about this camp of his.

The big challenge will be to recruit the volunteers to work with the children and young people. In my experience he will need many people willing to give their time for a cause they believe in and will give their lives for, their love for the children and young people must be clearly evident and their passionate belief must be a positive one and not a negative one. Young people are looking for hope and purpose, they find this when they come to their own convictions about life and truth. Reading the description in the Telegraph it sounds to me like this atheist camp is atheistic indoctrination.

I wonder if Dawkins will include teaching the Bible at his camps. After all he has recommended such a thing before.

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