Designer Baby for Homosexual Couple

A homosexual couple are to spend nearly £100,000 ‘creating’ a designer baby. They want it to be a boy with blue eyes and dark hair.

This story of this trophy child has a number of features that sicken me. Watch them discuss their plans on ITV’s morning show Daybreak

A Christian learns from the Bible about the supreme value of a human life. Yet the eggs for this baby will be donated by a female friend of theirs whose payment is to be a pair of £2,000 Christian Louboutin designer shoes! I can see why she and they are friends as they all seem to share similar values.

The men had rejected one woman who wanted to donate her eggs because: “She hardly had any nice clothes and that’s just not what we want”, Mr Miller said.

With shallow attitudes like that I wonder what else they want for their child. I assume they want him white. Will they hope he will be gay? What if something goes wrong and the child is disabled? I am sickened by the thought this may be all about their wants and not about the child’s needs.

The couple, Adam Miller and Kyle Bond, say they want a boy first and then a girl, followed by twins. This seems hugely ambitious to me as I wonder how long they will be together. These men are in a civil partnership. We do not yet have statistics to tell us how long relationships of this type will last. We already know that couples who marry are more likely to stay together that those who merely co-habit. There are other factors that may affect the length of their relationship as marriage includes a promise of and exclusive, monogamous, faithful relationship. I aware that civil partnerships do not necessarily carry that promise. I am also aware that the average length of a homosexual partnership is very short, and that the average number of sexual contacts for homosexual men run in the hundreds per year.

I wish these men happiness but I wish they were not doing this.

Sex selection is illegal in the UK so the same-sex couple are travelling to the USA for the beginning of the procedure.

A 44-year-old woman is to be the surrogate for the same-sex couple. Mr Miller said the couple decided on that course of action after watching a TV programme about Britain’s first homosexual fathers, Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow.

Mr Miller commented: “When we saw the programme about Barrie Drewitt we thought, ‘That’s what we want to do’. He has basically created his own genetically-modified family.”

The couple are going to the USA to use a method known as PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis). It involves screening embryos created through IVF before implanting one of the desired sex. The UK bans the use of PGD to test for sex, although it is permitted to detect genetic diseases.

Many countries restrict the use of PGD because of concerns it could be exploited in cultures with a preference for male heirs. There is also opposition to the destruction of the unwanted embryos left at the end of the process.

The couple say they treat their two chihuahua dogs, named after designers Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton, like little children. Mr Miller said: “We even dress them in baby clothes”.

God help the children! I wonder what they will be called.

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  1. I have no clue who the hell you are, as you are obviously a unknown wannabe writer. However you are one judgemental bigot. How dare you pass comments on same sex relationships, such as we have up to 100 partners a year. I have been in a same sex relationship for many years, were happy, and monogamous. I understand this is some bible bashing page, and all I can say is well done on highlighting the fact that you god squaders are judgemental. Actually try reading the bible you hypocrite is there not a few bad things said about passing judgement!

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