Did you hear the gaff re new Pope on BBC Radio4 this morning? Researchers still in bed?

So a new Pope has been appointed and he has taken the name of Francis.

But do we know which Francis he is named after yet? I have heard news commentators announcing confidently, including the one on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning, that he is named after Francis of Assisi. The gaff this morning was that the commentator then went on to quote “the prayer of St Francis…”

The prayer he was referring to is the anonymous twentieth century French prayer ” Where there is…”

If we still have no declaration yet my assumption would be that, as a member of the Jesuits, he would be named after Francis Xavier (1506-1552) a student of Ignatius of Loyola, and co-founder of the Society of Jesus (also known as Jesuits)

Another thought. If the Pope is infallible, why don’t they get the last infallible Pope to select the next one? 😉

3 thoughts on “Did you hear the gaff re new Pope on BBC Radio4 this morning? Researchers still in bed?

  1. I heard him say himself that it was Francis of Assisi. What surprised me, watching the BBC coverage, was how long it took them to pick up on the name. My Latin is – well – non-existent, but I managed to pick up as soon as they announced it that it was Francis (in Latin it’s “Franciscus”, although this may have been mutated, but it was still pretty clear). About two minutes after the announcement they started discussing “rumours that he is called Francis”!

    Also, why didn’t they find an English-speaking interpreter? The BBC always seems to think foreign interpreters are better, when the general school of thought in the industry is to have people interpreting into their own language if possible. The advantage of this became most clear when the pope started reciting the Lord’s Prayer, the interpretation of which was comical. Most English-speaking interpreters would have been able to recite it in English from memory. Interestingly, though, he coped a lot better with interpreting the Hail Mary…

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