Domestic Extremism

Today I have read a horrifying article in the Guardian about a secret database being compiled by the police in which they hold the details of thousands of people who have no criminal record.

Innocent people are being photographed, followed and records of their movements are being recorded and stored.

Domestic Extremism is a new ‘almost crime’ invented by the British police and has no foundation in law. It is the sort of thing familiar to us from totalitarian states. If you think I am overstating things just Google ‘domestic extremism’.

Particularly chilling are the words of Anton Setchell who, according to the Guardian is national coordinator for domestic extremism for the Association of Chief Police Officers. He said, “Just because you have no criminal record does not mean that you are not of interest to the police,” he went on. “Everyone who has got a criminal record did not have one once.” I can translate that for you, “It is okay to do this as every innocent citizen is really a not-yet-guilty one.”

What a sour view of life, and of British citizens, he seems to have.

This is all very relevant for Christians as we are called by our Master to live lives that are counter-culture, and out of step with the world that surrounds us. It is a recurring prediction in Christian circles that we will be prime targets for this sort of scrutiny some day.

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