European Work-free Sunday campaign

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The new Europe-wide campaign, supported by CARE, to push for legislation to have Sunday as a work-free day in order to allow families to have at least one day in the week that families can spend together, was the subject of a well-attended conference in the European Parliament in Brussels this Wednesday.

Speaker after speaker produced hard evidence for the deleterious effects on health, safety, social and family life and civil society of having to work on Sundays, to encourage the responsible European Commissioner Lazslo Andor from Hungary (who was present and spoke at the meeting) to include provisions in the next round of revisions to the Working-Time Directive.

The slogan of the campaign is ‘On Sunday Mum and Dad belong to us’ (spoken by the children). It is aimed to be the first citizen petition initiative under the new Lisbon Treaty provisions. The petition has now gone live for signatures online at

If one million signatures are collected the European Commission has to make a formal response and either propose the relevant legislation or give very good reasons why that would not be appropriate.

I think this is fantastic news. I remember when the large UK retailers worked to get Sunday trading restrictions abolished in this country and they claimed we would then be more like the continental countries. Back then, less UK residents make trips there so the bare faced lie was not widely challenged. It was later we discovered just how much Sunday rest has been cherished across the channel.

2 thoughts on “European Work-free Sunday campaign

  1. NO to a sunday keeping law as it takes away ones choise. Most people can have a free Sunday if they get their lives in order and sorted out.

  2. I remember when the liberal trading laws were introduced in Scotland where I was leading a church. One person was in our church was told she would have a choice whether to work or not on a Sunday. She wanted to have a day when the whole family would be off together.

    Once it became law she was told that if she did not work on Sunday she would never be promoted. That is just one example of MANY such instances I know of.

    I am against the loss of choice that we have ended up with now. Marriage break-up is a huge financial blight on our nation as is the social blight with children suffering as a result. Many families no longer have a day when they can be together. Only a law will protect workers so that both parents can be together with their children.

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