Gay marriage will result in damage to careers or even dismissal for some teachers, chaplains, foster carers, etc.

Cameron has spoken out on gay marriage ahead of the Government statement.

The Government is due to respond to its consultation on Thursday, 13 December, but David Cameron has already confirmed his intention to force through the redefinition of marriage.

He says marriage should be open to gay people, but surely that misses the logic that what becomes open to gay people will be “marriage Jim, but not as we know it”.

Introducing same-sex weddings in churches and other religious premises is a radical departure from the consultation proposals. Ministers promised that religious believers could not be forced to hold homosexual weddings because it would not even be possible to register them in churches or other religious premises.

But now that promise has been broken. Christians, Jews, Muslims and others will be exposed to the legal nightmare of equality and human rights laws, as well as the intrusion of the European courts.

Legal advice from leading human rights lawyer Aidan O’Neill QC has made clear that the only completely safe course for churches will be to stop hosting weddings altogether, a massive change to Britain’s social landscape. He has also shown that, quite apart from the issue of buildings, individual people from any background who believe in traditional marriage face damage to their careers or even dismissal from their jobs, especially teachers, chaplains, foster carers and others in the public sector.

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