I was mentioned in York Press on Saturday

There has been outrage by some groups over what they claim Sentamu, Archbishop of York was supposed to have said about homosexual marriage. So far in the media I have heard him being misquoted outrageously, which is odd as these journalists must have read what he actually said.

I read the full text of his interview. Having done so, I wonder how many of the protester have read it.

I sent a statement to the York Press so I could stand alongside Sentamu on this matter. This is what they published:

Gay marriages view of Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is defended

A LEADING York clergyman has defended the city’s Archbishop, following the storm over comments he made last week about gay marriage.

The Rev Graham Hutchinson, of the York Elim Pentecostal Church, who is co-chairman of the city’s churches body One Voice York, said one comment had been “seized upon and blown out of all proportion”.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, sparked a protest outside York Minster this week when he suggested that the state should have no say in redefining the nature of marriage.

Mr Hutchinson said: “What a shame that a very long, detailed interview, which took such a strong stand against racism and discrimination, should have been overshadowed by one comment about marriage.

“I have read the full interview and it was worth reading.”

He said he agreed with Dr Sentamu that the state “has not the authority to reinvent marriage – a historic and worldwide institution” and also quoted Christian Institute statistics which he said showed same-sex partnerships lasted, on average, for a shorter time than a marriage between a man and a woman. Mr Hutchinson also pointed out that the Archbishop had come to the conclusion of supporting and not diminishing same sex-relationships.

“I do not presume to represent the views of all in the One Voice network of churches and Christian ministries,” said Mr Hutchinson.

“But I know his whole interview about racism, discrimination and marriage would have widespread support among the Christians of York.”

Dr Sentamu has asked people to read the full transcript of his interview with the Daily Telegraph in which he discusses gay marriage.

You can view the interview in full here.

“A leading York clergyman” such flattery!

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