Jade to Live Forever

The Jade Goody tale is an awfully sad one as her decline is being watched and commented upon by so many.

Perhaps these last days of hers remind people that we all live in a dying world. We rush about our business and play trying to forget our ultimate destination.

I wonder if her case will be used to teach young people about the dangers of sexual promiscuity and early sexual activity? This would be a wasted opportunity if it were not used as a reminder of the well documented risks.

I hope there is another thing Jade will be remembered for though, that in her last days she turned in faith the Jesus Christ.

The marvel of coming to Jesus in this life is that our future life is secured. She left it late so she may have missed abundant life that Jesus offers to his followers. But she has not been to late to ensure that she will live forever in a glorious eternal life.

3 thoughts on “Jade to Live Forever

  1. I am not surprised you do not know who she is. It was a LONG time before I got to know who she was. She became well known to readers of down-market gossip magazines after appearing a ‘Big Brother’ series.

    Do we know if she has turned to Christ? We do not. Christening (or baptism) is no substitute for turning to Christ and believing on him. But if she has, she will live forever.

    I hope she has.

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