Mitt Romney Republican hopeful believes Jesus is son of God. Oh does he?

Is Romney deliberately dishonest or is he simply ignorant about historical Christianity?

Mitt Romney is a Mormon and is running for the Republican nomination, so he can run for US president in the coming elections.Yesterday his religion was discussed on BBC Radio4 as here in the UK some are wondering how his religion could affect his popularity in the US and his likelihood of success.

Mormons usually pass themselves off as a type of Christian. However, the Christians in the USA are generally informed enough about Mormonism to know they are not Christian at all. Because many Christians in the US do not like the thought of voting for someone with a pseudo-Christian religion, and because this has been raised with Romney, he has issued a statement that he believes that Jesus is the son of God. I heard the clip of him saying so. Is he dishonest or ignorant about Christianity?

What he has not made clear is that Mormonism teaches that the so-called god he refers to is only the god of this one planet. Mormonism teaches that this god has a body of flesh and blood, that this god has more than one son. Mormonism also teaches that Jesus is the result of this flesh and blood god raping the teenage Mary.

So what exactly does Romney mean when he says he believed Jesus is the son of god?

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