More On the Vogelenzang Trial

Having read more about the Vogelenzang trial I was intereted to read about the character of the accuser, Mrs Tazi.

One reason district judge Richard Clancy gave for dismissing the case was the behaviour by Mrs Tazi which did not fit with the image of a devout Muslim, that she sought to portray.

Judge Clancy said: “She said she told them: ‘Would you have preferred it if I had had my t**s out and you could see my backside and I was out getting rat a****?’

I wonder what Mrs Tazi’s motives were? I also wonder how it is that a new convert to Islam should be so intolerant of other faiths. I would have expected that finding faith would have given her an understanding and an empathy with other people of faith.

One thought on “More On the Vogelenzang Trial

  1. So many westerners jump on the buddism/tao/karma/muslim wagon nowadays. I think they are a bit like teens who just rebel blindly and thought that is cool.

    For this case, I do wonder about the testimonies given by 2 other christians in the hotel though.

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