Own A Planet

A Spanish woman has claimed ownership of the Sun.

The Sun. One million kilometres wide, 4.5 billion years old, is now, owned by a 49-year-old Spaniard.

Angeles Duran from Galicia in northwest Spain has claimed ownership by simply by walking into a public notary office and registering the Sun as her property.

“There was no snag, I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, I know the law,” she told the newspaper El Mundo. “I did it but anyone else could have done it, it simply occurred to me first.”

Bonkers? Perhaps not. She knew there is a treaty to prevent governments claiming ownership. But she also knew that treaty does not apply to individuals. She now wants to tax all of us who use “her” sun.

I think this is so interesting and in the office I immediately wondered why anyone had not thought of this before and what planet I should claim ownership of. I mentioned a few possibilities but then Matt suggested, “You should claim ownership of Uranus.”

I nearly fell of my chair with laughter!

See Wired for the article.

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