Police authorities discriminate against white Christians, Civitas claims

New hate crime legislation is preventing free speech and singling out alleged crimes by white Christians, the Civitas think tank has claimed.

A foreward to its report ‘A New Inquisition: religious persecution in Britain today’ argues that prosecutors and police are interpreting laws in favour of ethnic and religious minorities. The report cites cases such as the prosecution and then dismissal of the case against Liverpool proprietors Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang. The couple were accused of religiously aggravated hate crime after discussing the relative merits of Christianity and Islam with a Muslim guest.

The report calls for a public enquiry into whether religion-based groups in the criminal justice system are driving a campaign of bias against the majority population defined as ‘white’ or ‘Christian’.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman has said the claims are ‘without foundation’.

Source: Daily Telegraph (19/7/2010)

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