Redefining marriage is a Tory vote loser and they should be focusing on the economy instead

George Osborne, The Chancellor, has said that redefining marriage will help the Tories win the next election.

Wrong! It is a vote loser.

How is it that they are so out of touch with reality?!

Osborne should not be playing politics with marriage.

In his Times article, published today he says he is influenced by the four extremely narrow wins for redefining marriage campaigners in four very liberal American states.

Is he so out of touch that he does not know that voters in 31 (YES 31) other US states have REJECTED the redefinition of marriage?

In May this year in North Carolina, campaigners wanting to redefine marriage outspent their opponents by a ratio of 4:1. In spite of spending four times as much as their opponents, though they succeeded in redefining marriage in that state, the change only scraped through by the skin of its teeth. I suspect they will need to keep up that rate of spending to hold their position.

Osborne also ignores UK polls that show redefining marriage is a huge vote loser. Leading polling company, ComRes, has said the Tories stand to lose up to 30 parliamentary seats and 1.1 million votes because of their plans to redefine marriage.

Conservative MPs in marginal seats must be very afraid of Georges gamble.

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