Sacked Christian foster mum vindicated

She was struck off the foster carers’ list because a child in her care converted to Christianity.

Presumably Gateshead Council must have thought the girl should have had her religious freedom curtailed by the foster mother. They had claimed that the foster mother, who cannot be named, failed to ‘protect and preserve’ a teenage girl’s faith when she converted from Islam to Christianity.

The foster mother has now been exonerated by a court in Leeds.  The court decided that the 16-year-old was responsible for her own beliefs and decision to be baptised. The woman, who had previously fostered more than 80 children, had another child taken away from her, and lost her income and her house. She is now free to seek damages against the Council. I think she should!

Meanwhile, the administrator who’s been blamed for the woman’s trouble, is in trouble herself. Maggie Atkinson went on to become Children’s Commissioner for all of England. Officials are debating whether to eliminate her £138,000-a-year job for unrelated reasons.

Source: OpenHeaven

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