Selling Abortion on British TV

Last night the Marie Stopes abortion agency advertised on the television. I have complained to the advertising standards agency.

Buying abortion is not like buying toothpaste. It is a serious surgical procedure that impacts upon the mental health of the patient with many suffering from some sort of depression afterwards.

According to one study, women who had had abortions had twice the level of mental health problems and three times the risk of major depressive illness as those who had given birth or had never been pregnant. This study caused the American Psychological Association to withdraw their previous official statement denying a link between abortion and psychological harm. These serious consequences were not hinted at in the advert.

Even those selling financial services have to have a ‘small print’ statement.

Abortion is not a simple solution to a late period.

I know that Marie Stopes is an abortion agency, yet abortion was never mentioned in the advert. Marie Stopes in its own press release is presenting it as a commercial for abortion services. A vulnerable person could turn to them for advice regarding their late period without realizing that they are turning to an agency that sells abortions. I think the advert was deceiving.

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2 thoughts on “Selling Abortion on British TV

  1. Unfortunately the subject of abortion is never likely to have the calm, considered debate that is required.

    It seems to me that there is a need for one.

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