Syria is Iran’s route to the sea says Romney. What he needs is a magic peep stone

“Syria is Iran’s only ally in the Arab world, it’s their route to the sea” says Mitt Romney.

Firstly Iran is not Arab. Secondly Iran has a northern shore to the Caspian Sea and a southern shore to the Arabian Sea, between Africa and India, which eventually becomes the Indian Ocean.

Perhaps it is not his fault, perhaps he has been using Apple Maps. I loved the spoof New Yorker cover.

Being a Mormon, could Romney not use the magic peep-stone that his teen prophet Joseph Smith used? Joseph put it in a hat and shoved his face in the had and was supposed to learn all sorts of things from it, including the ability to dictate the Book or Mormon. If you can believe that?!

This is the peep stone, or seer stone, apparently used by Joseph Smith. Smith’s widow Emma passed it on to relatives of her second husband, Lewis Bidamon. (now property of Wilford Woodruff Museum). See my previous blog on this.

I wonder how a seer stone would shape Romney’s international policies. At least it might tell him where Syria and Iran are.

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