The Christian Vote

Some are claiming that the votes of Christians will swing this election. Others hotly deny that such as thing is possible.

I suppose someone who wants to believe that the church is small and irrelevant will not want to consider that the Christian vote has any weight. And how would we know anyway, as voters do not indicate their religion?

I do think Christians should be well informed though about the various parties and their stance on moral issues. I read the election briefing from the Christian Institute and was horrified by some of the things I discovered. I recommend it to all Christian voters. It has certainly influenced my voting intentions.

Download the Election 2010 briefing paper

3 thoughts on “The Christian Vote

  1. I must say, I’m not sure I’m convinced by the look of that organisation. That “briefing” has the look of a shrewd propaganda document in places, aimed at steering people towards the Tories. I’d be interested in knowing more about the organisation’s founders and funders to get an insight into whether this document is an open-minded aid, or meant as something else.

  2. Good point. If you find anything out about political bias from the Christian Institute I would be interested to hear about it. However if the CI have just harvested from the various manifestos we cannot blame them for what the parties believe.

    I find it helpful to have a neat summary of the policies of the various parties as they pertain to issues that most Christians would value. I also found it helpful to look at the voting record of my MP on moral issues. This was also on the CI website.

    I do know that the Labour party want to remove the free-speech clause that presently protects Christians. That horrifies me.

    The older I get the more socialist I become regarding social justice and social care, and the more right I become on moral standards.

    I find this election a difficult decision.

  3. Agreed. Very difficult. I found myself eliminating the candidates one by one, rather than being drawn to any. York Central is a fait accompli anyway, so perhaps the best solution is to find a non-offensive fringe candidate and at least help them get the 5% they need to keep their deposit.

    Bring on proportional representation!

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