The EU fines Microsoft $1.4bn

The EU considers Microsoft to be guilty of uncompetitive behaviour

Bin WindowsIt was back in 2004 that an investigation concluded in that Microsoft was guilty of freezing out rivals in products such as media players, and unfairly linking its Explorer internet browser to its Windows operating system at the expense of rival systems.

I think Microsoft’s Explorer is inferior to its rivals in any case.

Now the fine is a record, yet it is still so small against the vast wealth of the company that I do think it will be a deterrent to them.

Windows Vista is interesting, when it came out it reminded me of something. Then I remembered, it is like a Linux I was looking at about five years ago. Why is it that a company so rich is not able to lead the way in innovation?

The real problem with Microsoft in my opinion is that the sovereignty of nations in undermined if the USA control the computers of the globe.

See the BBC article for more info.

4 thoughts on “The EU fines Microsoft $1.4bn

  1. I have been using Vista for the past week on my flatmate’s computer, after I left my laptop cable in France. A horrid experience. Administrator rights are needed even to copy files between my external hard drive and her computer – which I had to do because everything on my external hard drive was opening as read-only. Portable Firefox and Portable Thunderbird wouldn’t run properly.

    Don’t knock Internet Explorer. IE7 has some revolutionary technology: tabbed browsing and built-in RSS feed. 😉

  2. Tabbed browsing!? Opera had that many years ago, and was so much faster than IE. Firefox seems the new standard now and that too has had tabbed browsing for years – and RSS feed.

  3. Not sure whether you understood my sarcasm. It’s hard to convey it in writing. I’ve been using Firefox for about 5 years now.

    Last week I was at a friend’s who still uses IE6. It was horrible having to open up so many different windows!

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