Throw A Shoe At Bush

I have been wondering what happened to the Iraqi journalist, Muntadar al-Zeidi, who threw shoes at Bush a few weeks ago with the words “This is a farewell kiss, dog.”. I have looked online to see what happened to him but so far I haven’t found out much about his present condition. I have, however, come across lots of sites that feature the video of it and are mostly very supportive of the man who did it.

To understand just what an insult it is within that part of the world I was enlightened by the Ipinions Journal.

But what happened to him? Where is he now? I am not trying to justify the man’s insult but I heard he got arrested and was beaten. Surely that is a bit over the top for simply insulting the main man behind the invasion of his country. If you can not insult someone what sort of freedom of speech is that?

In the mean time, until we learn more about the journalist, you too can throw a shoe at George W Bush on the online game here.

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