Today I saw a sad sight, a burning cross in Afghanistan

We know what it is about, a USA soldier, presumably during a psychotic episode, went on a rampage and killed innocent Afghan citizens, including children.

Now crowds gather to show their displeasure over the occupation of their land by foreign powers and in the incident I watched on TV I saw a representation of Christ’s cross set alight before being cast into a larger fire. Interestingly, the narrator made no mention of what we were seeing regarding the cross.

How is it that Christianity and the love that God has for Afghanis, as expressed through Jesus, has become so associated with the USA and with oppression? What a disaster!

As I pray about this and issues such as this one I have to continually remind myself of the unforeseen and unintended eternal dimension of so many of the things we do in this life.

If enough Christians in the coalition with the USA had been able to anticipate what a defeat their adventure in Afghanistan would turn out to be, would they have risen up to speak against it?  I wonder what a difference it would have made if they had foreseen the harm it would do to the work of Christian world mission for generations.

God have mercy on us.

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