Tragedy of Jade Goody

How did this make the national new!?

Filling our news at the moment is the sad ending of Jade Goody’s life. She has had to face the terminal illness that is slowly progressing to its end. Jade has cervical cancer.

At first I felt dissatisfied that such a non-story should get the huge coverage it has been getting. Having pondered it a bit more I have come to the conclusion that the story is more significant than I had thought at first. This news story tell us much about our society and a gap in our national spiritually.

Famous for being famous, Jade first appeared on television’s ‘Big Brother’ and through that show she gained the holy grail of today’s youth, celebrity!

Why was she, out of all the others, elevated to this coveted status? I think it is because she is not especially intelligent or good looking and is seen as a ‘Miss Average’ by the TV and gossip magazine generation who identify with her.

The condition Jade has is associated with both early sexual activity and sexual promiscuity. I am not suggesting that this is the reason for Jade’s condition, but her sad condition would be a good opportunity for youth workers to use this as a starting point to talk about sexual wholeness.

To many young people an added tragedy is that Jade had appeared to achieve so much, in getting to be a celebrity without appearing to have had to work for it.

I wonder if celebrity is appealing because it is about being noticed in a careless world? I live my life feeling that I am noticed by my God. It is this conviction that brings me contentment in many circumstances, it gives me a sense of worth and adds a sense or worth to all I do. Celebrity can not do that.

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