Vassie Paid Up

I have an update on the Rawlinson/Vassie dispute. See previous post for the background to this.

Cllr Vassie
Len and Jenny have been thanking people for their prayers and messages of encouragement. I think quite a few believers have been praying for protection over Len and Jenny and their home over the past few years. I believe in prayer, and now pray for peace in that neighbourhood, and in the lives of all concerned.

I include their message in full.

We heard just a few minutes after the 4pm deadline for payment that Cllr Vassie’s solicitor had put a banker’s draft in the post for the £22,500 costs that the court ordered that he should pay us towards our legal fees. The court had stipulated that payment was due by 4pm, however as normal with this guy, it was all at the very last minute even to the extent that the actual payment was not received at the appointed time.You may have read in the York Press that Vassie claimed that we have a bill for tens of thousands of pounds – for which all we have gained is an 11 inch wide strip of grass to the front of his house. The truth is that we neither sought nor gained any land which we had not purchased when we bought the house in 1984 and the boundary we now have is the one which was recognised by all who lived in either house from when they were built in 1973. Indeed Vassie even agreed 8 months before he started the dispute where the boundary was and this boundary was offered to him at least 6 times during the course of the dispute and he only signed to accept this same boundary just a few minutes before the judge entered the court. Thus it was necessary for our barrister to prepare for a full blown boundary dispute whilst his barrister only had to prepare for a case on costs – which explains why we are still out of pocket by £32,500! Incidentally the reference to the strip of grass being to the front of his house does not mean that it is in his front garden, indeed the land actually contains our gate post!

I would like to thank all those people who have supported us throughout this 3 year ordeal. We have been overwhelmed with the dozens of cards and telephone calls we have had from well-wishers after the court verdict and I am still being stopped in the village by people congratulating us on the outcome 4 weeks after the judgement. This outcome has vindicated our stand and sent out a message that bullying does not always pay – it has cost Vassie over £47,000!

Our thanks also to those who have responded to Graham’s website message. The views and opinions expressed in the notices have shown that you have all seen through what has been going on because the notices have all hit the nail on the head.

Len and Jenny

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