Well Done Al Gore!

So, he has been awarded the Nobel prize for peace. Well done Al.
As a Christian I admire his devotion to what he seems to believe is his present vocation. His dedication challenges and inspires me.

Not all are pleased though, especially the climate change sceptics. There are those who rage against his film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ seizing upon so-called errors and inaccuracies. Yet an impartial judge in the UK court case brought by someone wanting to prevent the film being shown in schools here, could find very few errors.

I think the movie should be edited to remove the few errors so it can be re-released for use as widely as possible, including schools. Then perhaps enough of a consencus could be arrived at to promote the scale of action needed.

Why should I care? Because since Adam believers have had the responsibility to ‘tend’ the garden. However, since Adam the garden is bigger and the family has grown.

One thought on “Well Done Al Gore!

  1. Unfortunately too many Christians – particularly across the pond – take the right-wing viewpoint on this simply because it’s what the Right says. As if Christian principles should be based on what Republican (or Democrat) politicians think rather than on the bible.

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