We’ve Had an Earthquake

Yes I felt it. A minor shake at about 1:00 this morning. It is in the news as a big event.

This morning at about 7:00 I watched BBC News 24 to see if it had been an earthquake after all. The two presenters were excited and the best comment went like this, “We have been inundated with calls from people telling us that it woke their dogs and husbands.”

My wife shrieked with laughter. She wanted to know if earthquakes only wake men if they are married!

One thought on “We’ve Had an Earthquake

  1. I love the way the British press are making a big thing about it. I tried to find an exciting video on the BBC website, but the best I could get was one of a suspended TV rocking slightly.

    We had a 4.2 quake here a few years ago. At first I thought a neighbour had slammed a door very hard, but then the vibrations continued. My first ever quake, so it was quite exciting. Apparently there was another one with the epicentre near Lourdes last year that was felt in Barcelona, but I didn’t feel that one.

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