What Will Barack Say?

I look forward to the inaugural speech of the new President of the USA, Barack Obama. Not because I am a supporter, but because he is known for his rhetoric and it will certainly be memorable. When the first black USA president has delivered his speech from behind the bullet-proof screens those that heard, and those that were there, will look back upon it as people did when asking, “Where were you when President Kennedy died?”

He is particularly old fashioned in his phrases with his calls to his hearers to believe in their own potential and their possible greatness. He has the style of a preacher.

If you are looking for something to say Mr Obama, how about a distant voice from the early days of 20th Century Pentecostalism? Cecil H Polhill was a hugely significant figure in early Pentecostalism and in 1916 he wrote the following, meant as guidelines for Pentecostal missionaries:

Remember you are taking part in an attack, it is an invasion. It is not a raid, it is a war; not a sport, but a prolonged effort, an invasion to the prosecution of which, for the rest of your life, let all your powers, whether married or single, be ungrudgingly offered.

One thing I do know, President Obama will be a disappointment to many. It is obvious, he cannot fulfill all the outlandish hopes and dreams others have pinned upon him. USA is not the paradise promised to the dying thief, and he is not Jesus Christ, King of kings, who will return one day.

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