A lone church building stands in a sea of fields

Watching the passing scenery from the moving train I see the old building with it’s tall slender spire. Its seems to be far from the nearest community.

Seeing it’s isolation I wonder what good its does. Even as the question comes into my mind, the answer comes too. I see the manse near the church and know that someone will go into that building each morning and each evening, and will pray.

What good is that? you may ask. I wonder what a different country we would be without prayers like those

One thought on “A lone church building stands in a sea of fields

  1. I remember talking to a chaplain about his role in the university and how there is a growing pressure to prove, what it is they do in the scope of the university mission. The one thing which is quantifiable is the communion service and the prayers, only a few go but even with the small number going, they still prayed for the university and the town.

    My point is, it was great comfort of knowing that there was someone praying for all of us, and this knowledge made the time of dissertations less stressfull

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