A New Politics

At last it is sorted and Britain has a coalition government.

It has been the most interesting election I have ever watched. I thought the news coverage on TV was great, though I now discover that Sky News was supposed to be the best, and that was the one I did not use – typical!

My wife has been unwell so she has been glued to the 24 hour news coverage. She now seems to be going through withdrawal. I don’t know how she is going to cope. At the moment she is reading a newspaper and reading to me about the jokes and insults the various politicians have said about each other.

I do wish David and Nick well. I hope they succeed in holding it all together. It was like a new sort of politics to hear those two men side by side talking like adults instead of the usual juvenile pettiness of politics. Even the government website is looking more adult.

I heard a discussion on BBC Radio4 with a few journalists talking about what their job now is with this new government. One person said they will all look for any gaps or divisions between them and try and drive a wedge in. Another person summed it up by saying such unity was not good news and they will tear in to them at every opportunity.

For Christians of course unity is not about hanging together but about the process of reconciliation that Jesus gave us. Same with a marriage, it is not that there are no disagreements but whether they are worked through well. I would be surprised if there were not problems with unity within this coalition, I just hope they will be good at the work of reconciliation when troubles come. The problem is that many politicians have proved themselves to be short on emotional intelligence.

Well done Gordon Brown though. He said in his resignation speech that his greatest job is being a husband and a father. I agree with him. It is a shame so many do not value their greatest work. Some day I will face God and I will have to give an account for what I was as a husband and a father, more important than anything else I can do.

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