Cohabiting is the culprit

Cohabiting is the culprit in family breakdown according to a report by the Centre for Social Justice. The report goes on to say the rising popularity of living together without marrying is largely to blame for the increase in broken homes.

This is what I said in my preaching at the last two weddings that I did.

The think tank has called for marriage to be promoted as a means of improving family stability, since their analysis shows that unmarried couples are much more likely to separate than those that tie the knot.

Previously though there has been great resistance to any such suggestion. I think the big stumbling block is that many of the decision makers have never been married and are either cohabiting with their partner or did before they separated from them. To promote marriage would be too uncomfortable for people like that. They would want to resist any suggestion that their life choices are not as good as anyone else’s and would certainly want to reject any suggestion that it is a matter of morality.

See The Telegraph to read more.

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