Dawkins too cowardly to debate with this Christian according to atheist Philosopher

Having published my post yesterday ‘Does Dawkins make bigotry sound respectable?’ I have just heard of a Nationwide Debating Challenge to Atheists.

William Lane Craig is a Christian Apologist and, one by one, debaters have run scared of him and have backed out of their agreement to debate him. Richard Dawkins has also refused to debate him and has been accused of cowardice by an atheist Oxford Philosopher Dr Daniel Came.

Watch the video and decide for yourself if Dawkins comes across well in his refusal to debate with Prof Craig.

Prof Craig is debating with Stephen Law at Westminster Central Hall, Oct 17th. Stephen Law is an atheist philosophy lecturer and editor of the magazine of Royal Institute of Philosophy ‘THINK’. Full list of national events are listed on this flyer. DoesGodExist-London





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