Decision or Disaster Leads to Prayer

As the economies of the world are in melt-down social commentators are all trying to understand the times and to predict what may lie ahead.

I will dare to make a prediction.

I know from the Bible that God longs for relationship with his creation. The Apostle Paul explained it by saying since the beginning of history God has been reconciling the world to himself in Christ.

How can the Almighty God win the freewill of his subjects? I know two things that bring people to prayer, believers and non-believers alike, the two things are decision and disaster. Perhaps I should say decision or disaster, as I think humans have some freedom to choose.

So many Christians across the globe, in the past decade or more, have been praying for something dramatic to take place that might bring the multitudes back to the one true God. I do not think many would have expected what we are seeing as a possible answer to their fervent prayers.

My prediction? If God waited in vain for decision to be the reason for the return of multitudes, disaster will prove more effective in bringing many into submission before the Lord of all.

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