Fast-track Gay MPs?

Equalities minister Harriet Harman  wants new measures to ensure that more women, disabled people and ethnic minorities become MPs, such as ensuring individuals from these groups are selected as parliamentary candidates for certain seats. “And what is wrong with that?” many would ask.

But Miss Harman also has plans to fast-track openly homosexual MPs into Parliament.

Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons, reportedly blocked a Parliamentary motion to include reference to homosexuals on the list. He is said to have argued that the motion failed to cater for MPs who would rather not disclose details about their private lives.

What I want to know is why fast-track openly homosexual MPs into Parliament at all?

Why should the private sexual practices of some people be relevant to whether they are given special treatment in appointments? Is it because they are a minority group that often faces sneering insults? If that is so I propose that train-spotters should receive similar preferential treatment. They are often the but of jokes and the term “anorak” is known as a derogatory term.

Come on Harriet, what about the anoraks!?

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