Footballer Sacked

I have just heard that some footballer has been sacked because he committed adultery with the partner of his friend. Or at least that seems to be gist of it.

What I want to know is whether there will be an outcry at the injustice of it all. Will voices be raised to say it is unfair and discriminatory, that his sexual behaviour should have no bearing on his employment?

I wonder how different it would have been if it had been a church leader sacked for adultery. Had the Equalities Bill not been thrown out in the Lord’s last week a rogue church leader would have had more protection in law than that footballer. I think it was thought that the footballer was not a good role model. That was one of the arguments against the Equalities Bill by Christians.

Odd how people can think a footballer carries more responsibility for maintaining society’s moral standards than a church leader does.

One thought on “Footballer Sacked

  1. Its a good point and I’ve thought much the same! Although in this case it is slightly different as it wasn’t because of his lack of moral fortitude that cost him his position but because the girl he had an affair with was the girlfriend of a team-mate who he was meant to be captaining and so the manager saw it as an attack against his team-mate. If it had been anyone else’s girlfriend it wouldn’t have even made the papers.

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