In the 21stC those that are ignorant about religion are going to stand on the sidelines in bewilderment as religion shapes their world.

The UK media generally seems to be ignorant of religion globally. Perhaps it is because they are ignorant about religion in this country and what is happening in UK churches. I have assumed this ignorance is laziness resulting from a failure to understand church life or any life of faith.

There seems to be a disinterest in the media regarding global issues unless they fit into a neat, limited, criteria. There is a complete ignoring of the global growth of the Christian Church. 70,000,000 Anglicans, compared to 600,000,000 Pentecostals. Not that I am knocking the Anglicans, but 600,000,000 all within the last 100 years, yet it is hardly mentioned and almost unheard of in this country.

Pentecostalism is the largest movement among the poor globally, bar none. Fascism is dead, Communism is mortally wounded but Christianity is growing.

In the twenty first century religion will drive politics and will be the pivot point for economics and war.

Atheism is so twentieth century!

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