Informed Consent and Abortion

On Tuesday of this week, Nadine Dorries MP secured an adjournment debate in the House of Commons, promoting the idea that women should be properly informed about the effects of abortion.

In the debate, she highlighted the conflict of interest which exists for abortion service providers, who are paid by the Government to provide abortions, but at the same time also provide a range of counselling services.

They are not paid to provide the counselling, which means that there exists an obvious incentive (one which is not necessarily acted on, but which is nevertheless worrying) to promote abortion as the preferred option, rather than giving entirely unbiased advice.

An adjournment debate is a mechanism whereby Parliamentarians can raise an issue of concern in more detail with Government Ministers who respond on behalf of the Government at the end of the debate.

Previously when this has been proposed the abortion providers have resisted any obligation on their part to admit the harm that abortion does. It was thrown out during the labour years. I wonder if there is a better attitude in parliament now.

See my previous post on this.

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