Jeremiah’s Call to Ministry

I went to an Elim conference for church leaders recently.

One presentation was by John Glass the Elim General Superintendent.

I describe it here in case anyone wants to preach it themselves.

John said that looking at scripture and the language used when referring to a leader, there appeared to be three caricatures; the farmer, warrior and the merchant. He suggested that as leaders we should have all three of these models in our ministries.

Words associated with the farmer were sowing, reaping and harvest. Applying to the warrior were the words victory, struggle and battle. for the merchant the words were goals, added value, strategy and next level.

Referring to the first chapter of Jeremiah, John showed that who we are is written in our call. Jeremiah was shown that he was to have seven areas of authority.

  1. Authority over men, no fear in verse 8.
  2. Authority to speak in God’s name in verse 9.
  3. Authority over despotic authorities that come against us in verse 10.
  4. Authority to identify and demolish hidden motives verse 10 (root out).
  5. Authority to demolish strongholds – unscriptural structures.
  6. Authority to build.
  7. Authority to plant.

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