Kills Son In Ritual Sacrifice

Kills Son in Ritual Sacrifice

Kills Son in Ritual Sacrifice

Quote from the above article, “Child sacrifice is an inhuman habit that must be fought. Scenarios have shown that body parts of human beings are on a high demand by the witchdoctors. The deceased’s genitals were partially detached meaning that they were the target,”

It is easy, when you are sitting on the Christian heritage of centuries, to be ignorant of the richness of it.

Surely only in our age, in a country like ours, could so called ‘atheists’ talk about us being better of without Christianity. Such ignorance does not take into account what the UK would be like had our history not been shaped by the Christian gospel.

Uganda is an example. The Christian church is strong in Uganda and is still growing, as it is in many parts of Africa. But the society there has not been shaped by centuries of the knowledge of the risen Jesus Christ. I wonder if some of things that happen there would be the sort of things happening here were it not for the influence of Jesus over the last millennia.

This newspaper article illustrates my point. A man killed his own son by suffocation so his body parts could be use for occult purposes by a local witch doctor. I am thankful that such things are rare in the UK, and that is due to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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