Oxford biologist Richard Dawkins believes that children should grow up reading the Bible and has a “soft spot” for the Church of England.. And the author of The God Delusion even believes in the possibility of a transcendent intelligence behind everything.

Richard Dawkins

Dawkins, a frequently ferocious critic of religion, told Times reporter Ruth Gledhill that he subscribes to ‘Einsteinian religion’. He defined this as a ‘reverence for the Universe and life, which has nothing to do with the supernatural’.

He says he is open to Einstein’s belief in ‘something that our mind cannot grasp’ that is behind everything, but he wouldn’t call it God. Prof Dawkins said an understanding of the Bible was important to understand literary allusions in our culture. He believes in the possibility of a transcendent “intelligence” existing beyond the range of present human experience. It is just that he refuses to call it God. He placed more trust in future scientists than in theologians to discover any ‘gigantic intelligence’ behind the universe.

Mm, ‘gigantic intelligence’ ‘something that our mind cannot grasp’. That is what I believe. Does that make me an atheist too?

NO! And I still do not believe in atheists.

(Source: The Times, 10/5/07)

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