Looks like the UK Government is cooking the books over their gay marriage ‘consultation’

The Government is in growing trouble over its plans to redefine marriage.

Today their sham consultation process has been exposed by MPs and the media for everyone to see. The Government claimed this was the ‘biggest listening exercise’ ever carried out – but ignored many objections including the 500,000 signatories of the C4M national petition!

The House of Commons has heard that the Government plans to push on with its highly controversial plans, relying on a claimed slight majority of consultation responses (by excluding objections, such as the C4M petition).

The Government’s online consultation response form, upon which their ‘consultation’ depended, was wide open to abuse. It was anonymous and could be completed by anyone in the world, as many times as they liked! Do the Government think people will be fooled by this?

And it is not only about this issue that they have been revealed to be shabby. If they can cook the books on this ‘consultation’ they will find it difficult to resist the temptation do it again over other issues. This is a serious eroding of democracy.

Maria Miller

Mrs Miller, the Equalities Minister, addressed the Commons at lunchtime today. She repeatedly promised a ‘quadruple lock’ to protect churches and other religious premises. But this ignores the millions of people whose civil liberties at work will be under threat if marriage is redefined as most people realise that in time the European Court of Human Rights will back gay marriage, whatever Government Ministers may say today.

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