More Than Half of Britons Believe in Resurrection

An on-line survey timed to coincide with Easter has found that 57 per cent of British adults believe that Jesus was crucified, died and rose from the dead.

Oddly, over a quarter of respondents felt the same events have ‘no real meaning’.

The New Testament scholar and Bishop of Durham, Rt Revd Tom Wright, said the results show that a healthy number of people do still believe in what the New Testament teaches both about Jesus and about their own ultimate future. He went on to point out thought that there seems to also be a fair amount of confusion about what resurrection itself actually is.

A concern I have is that I meet people who have not yet met with Jesus, who believe in a resurrection, yet miss the point that their afterlife is lost without Jesus. Somehow we need to get His message out better.

This survey shows yet again that conclusions that Christianity in Britain is dead, are premature.

See The Times for more.

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