On Sunday preached words of Jesus in Mark 6. Then saw this John Cleese video which sounded similar but with more laughs

Without repeating the whole of my Sunday sermon (go to yorkelim.com if you want to get notes or hear it), I will mention here the words of Jesus in Mark 6:30. I like it in the English Standard Version: “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.”

When we unpack what he said we come up with a series of invitations:

  • “Come” … with me
  • “By yourselves” … alone
  • “Apart … private
  • “Quiet (desolate) place” … to secure privacy
  • “Rest” … after toil, even though interruption was to come
  • “A while” … not forever – better burn on than burn out

I like the way John Cleese puts it. He talks about what creativity is and how to stimulate it, but many of the principles are the same as Jesus will surely have had in mind their creativity as well as their recovery.

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