Onward Christian Soldiers

I wonder how far the trend of discrimination against Christians will continue. The new game seems to be that Christians are mischievously accused of homophobic behaviour or speech. In may opinion much of this is in fact Christiaphobic behaviour and is itself a hate crime. See how one church was told to stop distributing Easter invitations to their church because it was homophobic. See the video at the bottom of the article on the Christian Institute website.

I wonder how far this will go before Christians rise up and march in the streets. Would such a thing ever happen? Are we likely to see a new Christian militancy emerging as more believers feel backed against a wall.

The Government has been defeated in the House of Lords over its attempt to repeal a free speech protection from a sexual orientation ‘hatred’ law. Peers voted by 186 to 133 to keep the protection in place. The matter will be passed back to the House of Commons where MPs voted for repeal. The protection makes clear that criticising homosexual conduct or encouraging people to refrain from such conduct is not, in itself, a crime.

The Government says the protection is not necessary, insisting that the ‘homophobic hatred’ offence would not catch the expression of such beliefs. They seem to be unaware of what is actualy happening to Christians as anti-Christian forces are already using this tactic.

The Equality Bill completed its Committee Stage in the Commons on Tuesday. Report Stage will follow after the summer. The Bill seeks to make it more difficult for Christian organisations to discriminate against job applicants who are not from, or living in accordance with, the religious beliefs of that organisation.

I wonder, if this is such an admirable fairness, the Labour Party will allow Conservatives to join in the interests of ‘equality’. I think not!

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