Poor BBC commentator embarrased by Usain Bolt’s praying.

I imagined the commentator thinking in panic, “Don’t mention the prayer!” It reminded me of Basil Fawlty’s “Don’t mention the war!”

A group of us gathered to watch Bolt’s race on Thursday. The lead up to it was great and his showman antics before the race were such fun as he posed and as he chatted to the girl behind the start line.

Comments were made about his every action – his every action but his praying. Is there some policy that it should not be mentioned? The fact that that was the one topic that appeared to be taboo was what I particularly noticed.

But after the race, when he had won his victory, was when I laughed out loud. Bolt got on his knees and prayed while all the cameras surrounded him. The BBC commentator limply said he was “having a moment to himself”.

I am laughing chuckling again as I write this. What a bonkers thing to say. He wasn’t having a moment to himself, he was praying, he was having a moment with his God.

I expect many people of faith and those of no faith will have notice that gaff. Go here for a fuller comment from another blogger entitled, Why does the BBC ignore Usain Bolt’s God?

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