Religious people make better neighbours says Sacks

The chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, argues for the value of religion. Sacks is quoted in a Guardian article. He writes:

“A powerful store of social capital still exists. It is called religion: the churches, synagogues and other places of worship that still bring people together in shared belonging and mutual responsibility.

The evidence shows that religious people –defined by regular attendance at a place of worship –actually do make better neighbours”. The reason for this is simple, Sacks argues: “Religion creates community, community creates altruism and altruism turns us away from self and towards the common good.”

He makes an excellent point.

There is one disagreement I would have with what he has said though. I do not believe all religions have the same track record of social action. One reason is that not all religions have the same value on human life that Christianity has. The Christian faith teaches that all human beings are equal in value to God, regardless of age, gender, race (though Christianity does not believe in race), health or disability.

I believe that the stature of the individual human is not measured by the state of the body they live in.

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