Removing God From a Church

In York all that remains of a church dating back to the 1100s is the tower which dates from the 1400s. It stands all alone and splendid in the grounds of the Victorian St Laurence’s church in Lawrence Street.

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You can see some information on it on the York Elim Pentecostal Church website. Along with some pictures of the old church before it was demolished.

The tower is now in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust. They used to proclaim that they were the custodians by the inscription on a slate plaque, in lovely flowing script.

Recently they have covered over the elegant inscription with something that looks like it has been stolen from a fairground.

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But why inflict this old tower with such ugliness. The answer lies in a close inspection of the old plaque. Peeping from under the new is the word ‘God’. They have obliterated mention that this building was built to the glory of God, and covered with something more representative of our secularised age.

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It would be funny if it were not so sick and so sad.

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